Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Madam Speaker!

Can I just say how much I adore Nancy Pelosi? Last night, she was the VERY first woman to preside over a State of the Union address since she is the first female speaker of the House.

I think she is elegantly dressed woman and liberal. Love her! Did you see her work it last night during the State of the Union? She was jumping up fast than that lug VP Cheney. I'm very happy to see that the Democrats are in control of Congress. Hopefully we'll get something accomplished.

The one thing I liked about Bush's speech last night- he wants to do something about global warming. About fucking time dude! But I doubt he will go far enough to make a real impact if he does anything at all.

Oh and he wants to expand health savings accounts to help people who don't have insurance. Um buddy, they're no good if you are to poor to put money into them!

Just a quick random, pointless rant today... more later!

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