Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bienvendo Antarctica!

Dam kids its cold here in Beantown!

Alas, mother nature has decided to bitch slap us with some cold. I mean we do deserve it. Come on, it was 65 degrees here a few weeks ago. I awoke this morning and weather bug said it was 6 degrees outside...its 12 degrees as I write this now. I really need someone to come and cuddle with me....

Speaking of which... FABULOUS time on friday night... We've hung out a few times since then as well...
Oh and I have to say, my dinner was good. Good ole Dolly Domestic here didn't fuck it up. Although I did almost have a disaster...but we won't go into that. Plans to see him this weekend as well.

We did end up going to club cafe on Friday night with a good friend of mine...actually one of my "gurls" and his man. CRAZY fun time! I'd post some pictures of us . . . but we're way to gorgeous for this blog...hehe totally kidding... I'm not an elitist bitch... just better lol

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