Friday, March 16, 2012

Still Dumpin'

Not much has changed for me here.  Surprise!  I guess the only good thing is my car insurance will be a little cheaper . . . $1,983 instead of $2,200.  Still absolutely ridiculous.

Spent most of the week down in Connecticut with my family and baby sitting my nieces.  Love those two little girls.  They kept me on my toes and provided endless entertainment.

Nothing new on the job front.  In this situation, no news is bad news right? lol.  Financially I've prepared myself to be unemployed until summer 2013.  Mentally, I'll be spent by August of this year.  No one is hiring . . . and if they are I'm not hearing back.  It's not like I'm a bum either.  I have a great background, resume and education.  Some people tell me I should settle for anything . . . I'm not that desperate yet ( I don't think . . .) but not to mention, the field of higher education pays shit to begin with (educators get paid shit!) so taking an even bigger cut is really out of the question.  I'd rather go on welfare and collect food stamps.

Still waiting on approval for medical insurance.


Life sucks, then you die . . . isn't that how the saying goes?  Maybe I should just prepare myself mentally for it to continue to suck until I kick the bucket decades from now.  I just feel absolutely hopeless on all fronts in my life.  All attempts to dig myself out are just not working.  UGH!

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Jeremy Ryan said...

Sorry to hear that things haven't improved for you.

My blogs got shutdown by Blogger so I had to start over. I've put up a link to you and would really like it if you linked to me.

My new site is

I too am still looking for a job. Had an interview today. I hope they call to hire me, but I haven't put my heart into it, when I do I wind up getting hurt.

Since your in the job market too check out the book Purple Squirrel by Michael B. Junge. Lots of good tips. You can find more about the book and him at

Here's hoping something good happens in your life. Look forward to your next update.

Take care,
Jeremy Ryan