Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Miss me? Sure you did!

So after what seemed like a very long vacation from blogging, I'm back. I've decided I need my "blogging outlet" to let out my rants and the other shit that floats around my head. Trust me, lots of shit floats around up their. I believe I think too much about things . . . but that's another blog post in it self.

So here are so updates from my life since I last posted (in no particular order):

1.) Still working that shitty ass sales job. As too many Americans know, the job market sucks (although Wall St. seems to be doing fine, again, another blog post). I've been searching like crazy and sending my resume out as well. Nothing. No bites, not even a phone interview. I've re-written and improved both my cover letter and resume. Many friends and family members have poured over it too. Still nothing.

2.) Car - I did get one! Driving a 2005 Subaru for the moment. It's in mint condition and had 28,800 miles on it when I got it in April. A small victory in 2011.

3.) Nieces - one just turned 1 years old on Sunday and the other will be 3 years old in February. These kids are great and bring a lot of joy to my life. I visit as often as I can and baby sit as well. Had them both for an entire weekend by myself. 5:30 am each day I would hear "Uncleeeee . . . wakie wakie, eggs and bacy!"

4.)Moving - I moved out of the place my ex and I inhabited on April 1. My living situation is great. While the house is no palace fit for a queen, it is comfy and my roomies are great! They love my dog, we get a long well, rarely do we have an issue. Another small victory in 2011.

5.) Gym - fell off the wagon in September and gained weight all winter long. 14 lbs. ugh. However, I'm back into my routine and will work hard to keep it going. The two majors things to work on in 2012 - A.) New Job and B.) Go to the gym 3-4 times a week or more.

6.) Single - January 1, 2012 marked one year of being single after having been in a 2.5 year long relationship. Shackle free bitches! I was convinced by a friend to go out on a few dates with a friend of his in November. It didn't work out. Let's just say he's passive aggressive and we never even it a title of "boyfriends".

This situation unfortunately reminded me WHY I need not date. I have the time, just not the patience. 99.9% of the men I find in Boston love to play games, don't know what they want or are toddlers in an adult body. Frankly, I don't have the patience to search for that .1% . . .so I say fuck it. I'll stay single, live my life and see if the universe sends something my way without me looking for it. If it doesn't, oh well. Worse things can happen in life.

7.) Baby Coop - is doing just fine. I celebrated his 2nd birthday with him in August . . .during that hurricane we had.

So that's a wrap for now. Until next time . . .

P.S. I hope you like the new layout and color scheme.

P.S.S. and the hot guy posted above. Let's call him my "gynspiration"

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