Monday, April 11, 2011

Status Update

Good morning bloggers. It's a cloudy warm day here in Beantown. Suppose to get pretty warm, almost 80 degrees! Gotta love wacky New England weather.

I finally moved out last weekend. It was a pretty emotional weekend. I love where I lived and the life I once had. But . . .moving on! The new place isn't bad. Wicked cheap rent, roommates are very nice and baby Cooper seems to be adjusting well. Slowly getting use to my new place. Still have boxes to unpack . . .whatever! They'll get done some day right? lol

Visited family over the weekend. Got to see my brother and my beautiful nieces. Those two girls always bring a huge smile to my face. Oh and I also got a car!!! I have grandmother's old Subaru outback (fitting for JP!). The car is in mint condition, not a scratch on it, and the best part . . . only 29k miles! My commute will not be shorter and I'll have the freedom of a set of wheels again.

But the sad part of the weekend was seeing my grandfather. He doesn't have much time left. Has gone from 240 lbs to 130lbs and is starting hospice care today. I think we're as prepared for this as anyone can be . . . he's had a pretty great life of 87 years. Hate to see him go.


BosGuy said...

It seems inappropriate to say how happy I am for you to finally be in your new digs considering the issues with your grandfather.

My thoughts are with you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Glad that things are looking up for you. Sorry to hear about your Grandfather.