Monday, April 18, 2011

Back in Boston

What an emotionally draining weekend! Got back to Boston last night. Brought all my bags in and just crashed on my bed with Cooper. I'm exhausted. Didn't sleep much at my brothers house over the weekend due to the little ones running around (God bless parents!). Although I really enjoyed spending time with my bro, sister in law and nieces. Love love love those kids!

The passing of my grandfather has been tough and happened a lot faster than any of us expected. I feel relieved for him because I know he was ready to go . . . he even told me so. He passed peacefully in the house he built himself over 60 years ago. This has just been such a difficult and crappy year. Looking back, I haven't posted anything positive on this blog. Need to change that.

Today was Patriots Day in Boston and the Boston Marathon. Had to work today . .. first time on Pat's day in a while. Oh well! Congratulations to all of the runners! Not an easy race to run! My boss ran it in 4 hours and 45 minutes. I'm impressed!

I'm off to bed . . . going to re-jump start my gym routine tomorrow.

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