Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love My Kindle!

My parent's gave me an Amazon Kindle for Christmas this past year. I love it!! It's convenient, easy to use, and causes no eye strain. I'm in front of a computer all day long and was concerned it would hurt my eyes. And for some reason it causes me to read more books. Or maybe I'm just bored and living vicariously through the characters in the book because my life blows right now.

Same shit still applies - living with the ex, can't find a new place, making no money at ALL at work (and other shit!). I hope I don't have to look for something else. Ugh. Why did all the shit have to happen all at once? My grandmother use to say "I know God doesn't give me more than I can't handle . . . just wish he didn't trust me so much". My Memere's line explains it all. I miss you Memere!


BosGuy said...

Stay away from Kafka and Tolstoy for the time being. ;-)

BosGuy said...

Just checking in to see how you are doing.