Friday, January 21, 2011

Continued Reflection

The past three or so weeks have been very difficult for me. I finally said to myself on the walk home today, "dude, a LOT has been going on since November. Give yourself time to adjust and move on with life, your new job and new single status."

I think this week has been the absolute worse for some reason. Not sure why. Poor sleep patterns probably don't help.

Even though I'm sad about the break up and the chaos of my life at the moment, I need to remember that I will find love again and it will be so much better than before. I look forward to meeting that next guy and getting that giddy feeling of anticipation when I see him or the longing to see him again.

Ok, just had to put that out there. Think of my blog as therapy for the time being. Therapy with eye candy attached.


Anonymous said...

Change is not always easy to adjust and adapt to. Do something for yourself as a treat or reward, just to escape even if only for an hour. You will feel so much better!

I wish you all of the best. Know that soon this will all be a distant memory.

BosGuy said...

Its quite good therapy; your eye candy I mean. Be good and hang in there.