Thursday, October 21, 2010


Barrack Obama to the gay community - "Just kidding! Sorry guys, DADT is back on the books!"

I'm extremely disappointed with the President. Over 80% of Americans are for the repeal of this law. Just fucking do it already! Bypass Congress with an executive order. We all know the law will not be repealed if the Republicans take the House. But sure enough, the President and the Democratic party will be knocking on the doors of the gay community in 2012 asking for money. Don't call me, you're not getting shit! We're tired of you whispering sweet nothings in our ear and providing squat!

Below is an angry Lt. Dan Choi on CNN.


Anonymous said...

Here I go, putting myself on another shit-list.

I beg to differ with you and Dan Choi in a couple of key ways on this matter.

First, I absolutely feel for the brave men and women of the American armed forces whose lives have been turned upside down by the back and forth end and unend of DADT.

Obama has done them a great disservice since coming into office by not offering them a clear path forward or even a stay of discharges until the matter is settled.

Obama moves cautiously on nearly everything he does. He made a lot of promises when he took office, but he has not been rash in his decision making while in office. He is a smart, thoughtful man, which is the anti-thesis of his predecessor.

I think it is wise to let the courts handle this. It will stick much better if done that way. It will less likely ever be overturned that way. It will much more likely be accepted that way even by people who are deeply opposed to it.

If Obama uses his executive order or tries to ramrod this into law it will be met with extreme resistance. The guy has been taking it from all sides as is. He is battered and abused by the right and under-appreciated by the left, and it looks like many in the middle who voted for him have lost their patience with him.

That is exactly what the opposition counted on even before he won the 2008 election. They made sure that the country was in the worst shape it could possibly be in come January 2009 and they looked ahead to 2010 and 2012.

Make it the hardest presidency they could to try to prevent him from getting any of his liberal agenda passed by keeping him busy with 2 wars and a shit economy. They failed. A lot of good stuff has happened already under his direction.

DADT will end. Count on it. It's a done deal. When is the only question. Obama will have the tools he needs once the defense dept report is submitted in December. The politicizing of this issue is not his doing. The opposition is loving this. They love that the gay community is becoming militant in their distaste for how Obama is handling this. It plays right into their hands.

Divide and conquer is an age-old, time-tested maneuver of the right. Divide the liberals and split their loyalty. It is attempted in nearly every American election cycle. They are very good at it.

I think if the discharges had been halted early on in his administration it would have been a far better way to handle this for everyone. That is his biggest mistake in the matter.

Obama is not perfect, but he is better than anything being put forth by the other side.

Don't give up on him. Be mad, but don't give up. All good things have to be fought for.

DADT and DOMA are going to end under Obama. You will revel in that when the time comes. I know I will.

Peace. Mike of Nkdgyz

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