Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun Times

T and I went away with his family to Orlando, Florida for a week of vacation. Excellent times were had! Relaxation was the only item on the agenda. I laid out by the pool every day and got some excellent color. No more casper white skin for me!

We returned this past Thursday in time for my best friend Mitch to fly in from San Francisco. Ok, um, I think I've begun to sober up. On Saturday we began with cocktails at my house around 5 and had an excellent dinner at 8:30 at the South End Buttery. The food was really good! Thinking of the hanger steak makes me salivate! From there we hit Sister Sorel and back to my place after closing. Everyone had 4 alarm hang overs the next day. Thank god for Powerade Zero!

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SteveA said...

Sounds like a good time with friends. I love Orlando - I used to be there like 4-5 times a year for vacation...Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios are good fun. Also love the vibe in City Walk.....