Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life Goes On . . .

I never did provide an update to my "not a banner week" posting about three weeks ago. My "not a banner week" did turn into my worst ever. My grandmother passed away on Friday, January 22, 2010 at the age of 82. We we're very close and to say it has been extremely difficult would be an understatement. Can't remember sobbing so much. I rushed down to CT the day before to be with her and the rest of my family. We spent the entire day with her since she was in hospice care. She passed the next morning. Wake and funeral and all that unhappy things ensued at the end of the weekend into the following week.

Today, I obviously still think of her and miss her so much. This past weekend was a bit difficult. She would have been one of the first to call me on Friday to wish me a happy 30th birthday.

Rest in Peace Memere, I love you.


Chup-Chup said...

sorry to hear that, but at least you got to be with her in the end. my grandma died two months ago but i live 18 thousand kilometers from my family, so i did all the crying and sobbing alone :(
have a nice weekend.

BosGuy said...

My sincere sympathies. A couple years ago I lost my grandmother. I wrote a couple of blog entries about her and still think of her frequently. Her birthday recently passed (2/8).