Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back from Vacation

I'm back from my week long stint out West. T and I had an amazing time!! We spent time with my best friend from college Mitch and had a blast. Friday night we split up to spend quality time with friends. He went to a baseball game with his college roommates and I went to dinner with Mitch. We did some heavy "swillin" as my brother would say and hit up three gay bars to round out the night. Not really sure how I didn't wake up with a hangover the next morning . . . although I was pretty tired.

But anyway, T and I were also in San Francisco to attend the 19th Biennial Convention of Dignity USA. Dignity USA is the largest LGBT Catholic organization in the U.S. with over 40 chapters throughout the U.S. We're members of the Boston chapter.

We had a terrific time and met so many awesome people, all working for a more inclusive and welcoming Catholic Church. The vision statement:
DignityUSA envisions and works for a time when Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Catholics are affirmed and experience dignity through the integration of their spirituality with their sexuality, and as beloved persons of God participate fully in all aspects of life within the Church and Society.
It really is a great way to integrate who you are with your Catholicism. And yes, you CAN be gay and Catholic!

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