Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Same Sex Marriage News & Updates

For starters, this is my 300th post! Woo hoo! lol

Support for Same-sex marriage seems to be growing in NY state. The Village Voice and other media publications report 53% of New Yorkers support allowing same sex couples to marry. More - Paterson Drops More in Poll -- But Gay Ploy Popular

An Article in Edge New England today discuss how California's once regarded status as being the leader in LGBT equality has faded with that banner now being picked up by 3 New England states. California’s vanguard status on LGBT rights fades

A friend of mine emailed me this link. The Empire State Pride Agenda is circulating this piece on religion and same sex marriage. 3 members of faith communities in Massachusetts are interviewed. It's a great piece, take a look below. The sky didn't come crashing down!

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