Monday, March 30, 2009

Vegas Baby!

It took T several hours to convince me to say yes. I did and we've decided to extend our trip to San Francisco in July and hit up Las Vegas for a few days before SF. I'm psyched and can't wait to go! T has been before but I haven't. We're going to stay at Ballys. Guess its not a great rate too! $60 a night! The great thing is that this slight detour is only going to add about $20 to our flight. This will be a much needed vacation! Can't wait!

Easter is coming and I'll be going to my parents house in Connecticut. Not gonna lie, I'm in no mood to go home and deal with my parents, especially my father. He has been the most miserable person ever lately. Every time I call home he bitches about something or complains how my brother and I don't come over each weekend to help him with work. Um, hello, we have lives too! Shit, my bro just became a father. Who wants to cut wood when you can hang out with your 7 week old baby? I'm only going down to see my grandparents and my niece. Oh and furry nephew Jackson.

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Lexiloo said...

maybe a stopover in DC on the way back?