Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prayers for Bobby

Last week I Tivo'd a Lifetime movie called Prayers for Bobby. It's based upon the book written by Leroy Aarons. I read the book many years ago and cried my eyes out. Probably the saddest story ever written...even sadder since its a true story.

I watched it tonight. OMG, I forgot how sad and how much of a tear jerker this movie is. The book is about a young man named Bobby Griffiths and how his devoutly religious mother drove him to commit suicide. Over time, his mother learns of different interpretation of the bible and ends up becoming a gay rights advocate. It's sad that religion and parents can damage someone so much to the point they take there own life.

This story reminds me of how hopeless I once was . . . ashamed, scared, afraid, suicidal. No worries, those feelings don't exist in me anymore. But wow, what a dark time my teenage years were.

Watching this tonight really reminds me that I need to do more with my parents. I haven't spoken to my dad about being gay since I came out to him over four years ago. Only spoke to my mom about it one time since. Yikes, probably should remind them I swing from the homo tree.


Anonymous said...

It was a good movie and it brought back some memories for me. It's just a shame that it's a true story and that Bobby isn't with us any more.

T.S. said...

You should drop T's name to them the next time you talk to them.