Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Enjoying Vacation

I'm really enjoying my vacation! I've been off from work since December 23rd and don't go back until January 5, 2009! Woo hoo! Oh and this does not come out of my vacation allotment either!

Christmas with the fam was good until my dad began acting like an asshole again. Shocker I know. He manages to ruin yet another holiday. Not sure if I'll even bother going home for them anymore. Or maybe I will but will spend less time near him. He began making homophobic comments on Christmas day when he was drunk that night. I tried ignoring him. My brother showed up a little later (he had to hit up his in-laws) and picked me up to stay at his place. Thank you J!

No crazy plans this week. I've been doing some things for my church group as we transition to the new board for 2009. Sleeping late each day is great too! And of course I've been hitting up the gym as often as possible. I bought a lot of clothes before and after Christmas. The new pants are a tad tight but should fit perfectly after I whip my waistline back into shape. Boston Sports Club here I come!

I got an early birthday present from T last night. He paid for half of my iPhone purchase! Sweet! I love this dam phone! It's amazing. Yeah, I totally broke down and got it after saying I wouldn't. So many cool features and apps out there. AWESOME!

Time to pack up my stuff and head to the gym. Laters!