Saturday, August 23, 2008

Great Choice!

Eating lunch today I learned Barack Obama selected Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his Vice President candidate. What a great choice! I'm quite pleased! Even though I was a Hilary supporter, I think Biden overall is a better VP pick.

Yeah, the Filipino news channel reported it as we ate Filipino food. Yum! T has rubbed off on me!

Oh and to my Hilary supporter friends . . . GET OVER IT! We fucking lost! Now get behind Obama! McCain stands for NOTHING Hilary does . . . stop being sore losers! America is tired of hearing "Hilary supports have yet to rally behind Obama and some will vote for McCain". McCain? People, get serious! The man who apparently is like the average American . . . right, because we're all married to multimillion dollar wives.

Ok, time to go . . . I'm off to one of my 7 homes. . . have lots of yard work to do!

And on other news . . . its been 4 months for T and I today! It's going great!

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JUSTIN said...

Good luck with the all the yard work and CONGRATS on 4 months with T!!!