Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Update

What a crazy ass busy work day I've had. Super duper busy here kids. But I can't complain because that's how I like it. Being idle = boredom for me.

My bro and sister in law came up this past weekend. Along with the fetus (she's pregers) and Jackson! I swear, that dog is the cutest and extremely social. He just loves everyone. He loves T and his roommate too. This is the only pic I took this past weekend. It's a grainy camera phone picture.

I'm gonna dognap him! On Sunday we took him to the dog park so he could run around and socialize with other dogs.


Chup-Chup said...

1-Jackson looks indeed the cutest dog ever.
2- Thank god ur sister in law came with the fetus.
3-R we going to see a pic of T anytime soon?

Alpha Omega said...

Post more pics of the dog...and your super hot boy from the way you describe him!!!

Just but a red bar over his eyes like London Preppy :0) Shirtless shots please...LOL

Hope life is well!