Monday, July 14, 2008

Life Update

Life is going well kids. I'm sitting here in the humidity that seems to plague Boston lately...well and my apartment has zero air circulation with an AC unit built into the wall in the living room, not my bedroom, and my lease forbidding me from adding an AC. WTF? I have a sweet queen sized pillow top mattress to sleep on dam it!

But anyway . . .

Had a pretty chill weekend. Of course I spent it with T ;-) . Friday night we went to the gym together. Had a session with his trainer. He kicked our ass, more so mine because I haven't been as much of a gym bunny as I was before my new job. But that is changing...went 4 times last week... well I think it was four, I don't remember.

Saturday we laid out on his roof deck and got some sun. I'm a nice light tan color. It looks good for a pale Polish kid! Oh and my hair is starting to bleach out a bit. Always happens from the sun. By mid week I should be even tanner.

Saturday night we went out with his roomie and Maxi pad. It was great to be out with Maxi . . . seems like forever!

Ok, its official, like EVERYONE I know is getting married (I'm in no rush kids!)... just got off the phone and had a lovely hour long chat with my best friend Jenn from College. It's been a few months since we chatted (life happens you know). She and her future hubby have moved the wedding date up a few months and headed to Vegas. I'm wicked excited and happy for her. God, I can remember her and I sitting in our res. hall room in college saying "omg, we're gonna die alone, never gonna get married blah blah blah!"

And finally, I'm excited . . . just heard from my bro and he, the sis in law, and the 4 legged nephew are coming up for a visit in two weeks! Woo hoo! And they get to meet T which is very important. So far he has passed all of the friend tests ....with extra points too (yes, he's that good!). But its the bro test . . . lol

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No pressure, right?