Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Still Alive

Yooo! I'm still alive! It has been a wicked long time since I've posted.

Let's go with some updates:

1.) T and I . . . we're an item, yup, been two months so far. My bf is wicked awesome, the past two months have been really special and a lot of fun. I feel so alive when I'm with him and have no anxiety or insecurties when he's around. He's quite the looker too ;-) Cute butt!

2.) Work - work is awesome, totally loving my new job. And I've been there for 2 months already! My how time flys!

3.) News from home - got some exciting news from home last week . . . my brother and sister in law report . . . they've got a turkey in the oven! I'm gonna be an UNCLE!!!!

4.) Ptown this weekend - well not this weekend but 4th of July ... going with Foxi Brown...oh yeah, I'll need a new liver. What an insanely crazy trip we'll have! We've booked a double room at the Betty Ford Clinic so we can dry out! lol

Ok, thats about it for right now . . . back to my life on the D-list!

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