Saturday, April 12, 2008

Alone with Myself

Lately, I find that I don't enjoy spending time with myself. I panic when I don't have anything to do or when I have no plans on a weekend tonight.

It isn't that I have no friends. I just need to not go out tonight. We, being Maxi and I have gone out the past two nights. Both were quite fun but I'm wicked beat and tired. But I have to say, the bar scene does get quite boring and old, FAST! lol I need to find other outlets to meet other gay guys and have a good time. Its not that I'm writing going out because I'm not. It would just be nice to explore some different options. Anyone got some suggestions? lol

Ultimately comes down to me finding ways to "put myself out there" as my friends like to say in an effort to meet more people and date more.

Got some good news today, not that I didn't expect this one. But my apartment application was approved today. Guess I passed the credit check and employment verification process. Yay for good credit!! The lease will be sent out on Monday and then I'll be done. I'm going to begin packing up my place tomorrow. It would be smart for me to get a jump start so I'm not waiting to the last minute. I wrote the book on procrastinating....hence the pile of dishes in my sink I keep telling myself I'm going to wash.

So I took the dating persona test on Ok It was pretty funny. This is how they classify me. Very accurate depiction of me too! You need to click the link:


Alpha Omega said...


If ya play sports, they may be some gay softball, bowling or volleyball leagues in the area. They are very fun and you get some exercise as well.

Better then the bar scene...and at least you know the guy may have a nice body from all the sports.

Congrats on the Apt.

Chup-Chup said...

i totally know what u mean...the bar scene and all that...i thought that maybe internet was a good way to meet new people, but is the same (or even worst) than the gay scene...let´s keep our fingers crossed and maybe the right guy will just knock at our ddoors ;)