Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekend Update - Arizona was Awesome!

I flew back in to Boston on Sunday/Monday morning to hear the captain of our flight say "The local time in Boston is 12:01 AM and the local temperature is 32 degrees" . . . ugh . . .

It was 81, sunny, and beautiful everyday. What a great time I had and a relaxing one too. I went to the gym once. Foxi is a member of a beautiful gym. The next two days after that, I laid by the outdoor pool sunning myself with Maxi. Beautiful weather . . . one heck of a hot man specimen sighting as well. The rational was "fuck it, we can hit the gym in Boston . . . but can't lay out nor can we sport shorts, polo shirts and flip flops." Yeah, that was standard wear for me.

Arizona was beautiful, different than what I'm use to. You have to drive everywhere. Here, its the T or my two feet.

I'd post pics of AZ, but I'm afraid those show site seeing of the gay bar/club variety.

Our first night we didn't go out. Maxi and I passed out. I got the best sleep in probably over a year! Over 13 hours! Thursday, we were all over Tempe, this is wear Foxi lives. He's got a great little place and seems very happy and content there. I'm very happy for him. That night at Amsterdam, this really fun gay bar, we got free shots because it was my birthday a few weeks ago lol, and because we were from out of town. Pretty sweet!

Did a little shopping while I was there too . . . I needed some new sunglasses. Yeah, totally dropped a few bills at Sunglass Hut. But I'll take care of them and keep them from getting broken. lol, I hope.

My mind is really escaping me on many of the details of the trip. No, I was not blacked out all trip! I do know, that the three of us had a hell of a fun time, cracked a lot of jokes and just did our usual quirky stupid shit good friends do.

I've yet to download my pictures. I'm sure those will help spark some thoughts and so I'll post again.

Foxi & Maxi, thank you for an awesome trip. I love you hookers!


Alpha Omega said...

Sounds like the trip was great! To bad we can see pics.

Welcome back!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have enjoy our city.