Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Update - The Bro & Sis-in-law

My twin brother and his wonderful wife came to Beantown on Friday for the weekend. We celebrated our birthday which is tomorrow (hint hint). Yes, 28 years ago I was expelled from my mom's vajeen . . . lol

We had such a great time. Had dinner on Saturday night at my favorite restaurant in Boston, Giacamo's. The place is amazing and the food was exceptional. Everything we ate was just delicious. My bro had calamari (my favorite) for the first time. He actually loved it.

I think the funniest moment was when I took my bro out to two gay bars. I didn't see it, but he said we were getting checked out like crazy. He was like "bro, when I hang out with you, we become cock magnets!" lol Shit, he must come up and visit more often!

My bro told me if he ran into the guy I have dubed "Hot Guy" that he was going to walk up to him (after I introduced them of course) and be like "its my bro's birthday this week . . . and I think you'd make a fine present for him". Probably a good thing I didn't see him out because he so would have done it too! lol It's really awesome to have such a supportive brother as I do. We were always close growing up, but have grown even closer since I came out to him. It's such a non-issue for him. He really looks forward to when I get married so he can be my best man.

I went to the gym tonight, lifted a lot and increased the weight significantly. I will be very sore tomorrow, but don't care because I enjoy the pain. When I was on the eliptical, I had to enter my weight and age . . . 27 for the last time lol. Aww

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Alpha Omega said...

Happy Birthday Kiddo!!!!

Hope you had a blast with the family and enjoyed the day that is yours. (And your twin's as well.)