Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Superbowl has Created a Ghost Town

I live in a student dominated neighborhood in Boston. Many neighborhoods have large concentrations of students because Boston has over 50 colleges, universities, and schools.

The city has a history of rioting after sporting victories i.e. World Series victories by the Red Sox and the Patriots. I've witnessed a few of them myself.

If you walk around my street, it looks like a ghost town . . . there is not a car in sight. The city has put a parking ban in effect so students and other jackasses have less to vandalize and don't have cars to flip over. Hopefully their won't be any violence and destruction tonight.

On a side note, what a great year for Boston . . .pats in the super bowl, Red Sox winning the World Series and the success thus far of the Boston Celtics.

*sigh* and Tom Brady & Teddy Bruschi - HOT!

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