Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day

Hey kids, happy President's day . . . a year from now we'll be celebrating a new democratic prez! Yay! It won't be John McCain . . . he's almost dead . . . so get excited for Barack or Hillary!

*sigh* I've been pretty good I guess. Still single, and survived single awareness day on Thursday night. I went out with Maxi Pad and his man friend. We had a good time.

On Saturday, I went to SAM's house for brunch. Our friend Tom was in town. We had a great time. I ended up staying there the entire day . . . I was so tired, I passed out after Chinese food for dinner. Yeah, slept for about 5 hours. I guess I was pretty tired. I woke up at 12:30am! Just in time to take the bus home and sleep until noon time. Wow, insomnia fucks you up!

Been going to the gym like its my JOB! 6 weeks at 5 times a week is my new jam. It makes me feel great and when I don't go, well, I just don't feel as good. SAM has been really helpful because she's psycho about the gym now. I'm going to get a phone call in the AM around ohh... 10am "you wanna goto the gym?". I turned her into a monster, I love it! It's great having my "grace" as a heterosexual gym bunny.

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I'm single. I can see part of the problem even if I don't want to admit to it. I don't take risks and I don't go up to guys or even attempt to let them know I'm interested. And I'm always out with friends which can't make it easy if a guy wanted to say hi to me. Lord knows I'll stay away if a guy I think is hot has a lot of friends around. Who wants to be shot down with others around right?

And well, apparently, the bar/club scene isn't the best place to meet other gays. I'm waiting for someone to tell me where I'm suppose to meet other guys. Ugh, its so frustrating. The online thing sucks too. I've done and yahoo personals. And they both suck ass. You can totally email a guy or wink and no one ever responds back. And I always get messages or winks from those guys who I'm not attracted to or who falls outside of the range of men I'm looking for. For example, no, I'm not interested in Mr. 50 year old. My Dad will be 50 this summer . . . no thanks! I'm really ready to give up.

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Alpha Omega said...

Congrats on the gym guy!!! When do we get to see the results... ;0)