Tuesday, February 12, 2008

12 of 12 - February

About a month ago, I was reading through a few blogs and came across the 12 on 12 Project. It's an idea created by Chad Darnell of the Untitled Chad Darnell Project blog. Basically, you take 12 pictures of your life throughout the day on the 12th day of the month. Here's my day. Don't get excited, it was pretty boring!

A look at my bed, 7:32 AM

I run on Dunkin! 8:45 AM
View of the Boston skyline from my street, 12:25 PM

The sign on my office door, time for an afternoon of meetings, 1:30 PM

A marketer was handing out this new vitamin water stuff. It was ok, 2:58 PM

I received a very important and exciting call . . . more on that later! 4:45 PM

I did laundry after work, anyone want to fold it for me? 6:30 PM

Snack time! 8:05 PM

I had to sew a button on to my jacket. It's freezing here! 10:00 PM

Catching up on the primaries with Anderson Cooper, 11:00 PM

Haaay prescribed sleeping pill! 11:25 PM

That pretty much wraps up the day, nighty night! 11:35 PM


Rob said...

ooooh this is really cool. i should do that.

Dogeared said...

So where was the more news on the exciting phone call? Tut tut!

Welcome to 12 of 12, hope you enjoyed it, and do it again!

Helen (Dogeared)

Alpha Omega said...

You need some more art on your walls...

Hope life is grand in Boston...Stay warm!