Monday, January 28, 2008

Brunch & Booze with the Boys

This weekend was just random fun, plain and simple! lol

I'm in a state of self imposed de-tox. But only until my little brother comes up this weekend to celebrate our birthday! I'm wicked excited!

It began on Thursday night. I had Friday off and decided to go out for drinks with Maxi and company. We consumed quite a bit of fermented grape juice. Had a bit at Toro in the South End and then went to Estate. I hadn't been to Estate in forever and didn't plan on going but was talked into it. I know, twist my arm right? It was pretty good from what I err, ah remember. lol

Kids, I must report . . . being the giving person I am, I again performed gay community service. Apparently, I also gave this guy my number because I got a text message from him on Friday. haha, I'm classy. Look at the good I do. lol

On Friday, I went to the mall with Maxi for a bit . . . spent a little bit more money, but bought a great pair of brown shoes, which I needed. Thanks for picking them out Maxi! ;-)

And on Friday, my partner in crime from out west, Foxi Brown, flew in from Phoenix. So after I napped and recovered from the previous evening, we went out to meet up with Maxi pad. We hung out at our usual haunt. The place was surprisingly still busy when we got there around 12:30am. Ran into "hot guy" from new years eve . . . we were both very flirty!

The crew made brunch plans for Saturday morning . . . gay brunch really is my new favorite thing. I don't know why I never did it sooner! lol Actually, more like why I haven't done this more often. Four queens at the table drinking bloody Mary's... good times I tell you! Cracking jokes, reminiscing about previous antics.

After brunch, yours truly had the brilliant idea to have just one more and keep the fun alive at a bar up the street. One turned into, well, many more. Again, lots of inside jokes, but one heck of a fun time among great friends. We all ended up going home for what turned into a 5 hour nap . . . all except for poor Maxi who had to go out and work. Poor little fellah!

Saturday night we went to Epic which was quite fun. I'd never been there before. The music was ok, a little too "trancy" for me. I need to hear words in my dance music. But we had a great time.

The weekend was just awesome and what I really needed. But now I'm re-charging my batteries for the birthday weekend ahead. Woo hoo!

Thanks Maxi & Foxi for ALL of the fun!

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