Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Ok, Christmas is less than a week away and I have only bought 1 present. I hate Christmas shopping. . . I think it's because I just never know what to get people. I'm not the most creative of gift givers. Although, I have come up with a pretty cool birthday gift idea for SAM. She and my sister in law both celebrate a birthday tomorrow.

I've actually done more Christmas shopping for others i.e. bought stuff for them to give to others. My grandparents wanted to buy my mom a new computer for Christmas. My grandmother was so cute, she called me a little over a week ago and was like "we wanna buy your mom that apple computer thing you've got". She couldn't remember what it was called. She is quite computer literate too. She bought her first computer when I was a freshmen in high school. When I had breaks from school, I would go over and teach her how to use it. I use to send out dirty/un-pc jokes to all my friends when I was in college and everyone would be like "where did you get these jokes? They're the best." Yeah, my grandmother would email them to me!

So last night I went to the Apple Store in Cambridge and bought it for her. Oh and Bank of America, you suck ass! Bastards kept declining my card last night when the money was in the account. Gram's check cleared you pricks! So glad I'm ending my banking relationship with them. They suck. Anyway . . .

Love the Apple Store. The one in Cambridge, Mass is ALWAYS busy, guess its a good thing they're opening a new one in Boston on Boylston St. Great location too. I've been thinking about getting a second job . . . I might apply to work there.

Oh and this is a picture of my little $20 Target Christmas tree this year. Cute no? haha

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Alpha Omega said...

The tree looks awesome!!! Very nice.

Read my updated blog. Looks like I was BLAH for a reason...LOL