Monday, November 12, 2007

Gram's Isn't Doing To well

I got the dreaded news last week from my brother . . . because well, my parents don't usually call me about this type of shit, even though they should. My grandmother had gone into the hospital about a week ago because she was having trouble breathing. Her idiotic doctor took her off one of her medications causing her to swell, retain to much water, and her lungs started filling up with fluid.

Well, the real bad news is she suffered some significant damage to her kidneys. And there getting worse. Apparently, over the course of one week, they got much worse. Her doctor says she is suffering from kidney failure and that she could "go" at any time. One thing you never want to hear regarding a loved one. This on top of congestive heart failure, something she is also battling.

My grandmother has always held a special place in my heart. I love her dearly. Her and my grandfather have been there every step of the way for my bro and I. They'd go to our sporting events, my plays when I was doing theater, all graduations, including my masters degree graduation here in Boston. She was actually not doing to well in 2002 when I graduated from undergrad. And every time she went to see her doc she would say "you've got to get me through this, I have to see my grandson graduate from college." Something similar happened last summer. She had a massive heart attack 2 weeks before my brother wedding. When she woke up from being sedated, the first thing she said to the doctor was "can I go to my grandson's wedding?, I need to go, I have to go". The good news was that she was able to go and had an awesome time. Every time I speak to her on the phone, we talk about how much she loved the wedding.

It's tough, I've been real fortunate and haven't had to deal with a lot of this. I've never even been to a funeral before (not rushing the death of any fam/friends!).

I find myself thinking about her all the time now. I had to choke tears back last night at Church because I didn't want to loose it when I was saying a prayer for her. I figure I owe her, she's always praying for me.

Normally, I make short trips to Connecticut to visit family and friends around the holidays. Not this year. I've decided to head to CT on Tuesday, and come back to Boston either Saturday or Sunday. We'll see how that goes. I plan on hanging out at my grandparents house for a little bit. They really enjoy it when my bro, sister in law, and I show up.


Mark said...

My thoughts are with you... sorry to hear about your grandmother... Hang in there.

JP Mac said...

Oh man... if you need anything let me know!

Lucie said...

Anything you need my dear... Let me know... she will be in my prayers... Happy Fourth!