Sunday, November 18, 2007

Crappy Week

What a crappy week. Yes, I'm going to whine for a bit here. I deserve the opportunity dam it!

Work has just been insanely busy and I've been working through a bunch of issues . . . they seem to be so dam time consuming.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed for a job at my current place of employment. It would be a great promotion, much better salary and perks. I was really hoping I would get it. But I found out on Wednesday that I was not the successful candidate. I've been in the dumps ever since. It's pretty disappointing. I knew it would be a stretch in a way, partly because we don't hire men where I work . . . I'm kind of like the last of the Mohican's. The good thing I guess, is that they didn't hire a moor on for the job. Sometimes they tend to do that and it only adds an insult to internal candidates.

It really sucks . . . I'm feeling quite lost right now. I don't know what to do next for my career. I've been in this stand still since I finished grad school in '05.

What makes it very difficult is that the field I work in isn't lucrative. Making matters worse is the next step does not include the free housing I have right now . . . and the next step position's salary doesn't make up for the housing. So I'm going to get hit with at least a $10k - 12k pay cut. And I've definitely have bills to pay.... I hate you Sallie Mae! Yeah, you know what I'm thinking right? Totally not worth it . . . especially when the avg. yearly pay raise is 3%. In Boston, one of the most expensive metropolitan areas in the country . . . so yeah, I'd never make that money back. I'm thinking career change.

So I'm frustrated with what to do next and saying to myself "it will all work out" just doesn't provide the comfort I'm looking for.

This week is Thanksgiving and I'm traveling to CT. This time for my longest trip home in years. Tuesday through Sunday. Lord help me! The good thing is that I get to hang out with grandparents while I'm home. They're the reason for my longer trip. Oh and it will be nice to only work one day this week since I'm not motivated at all in the working realm.

Have a safe, and Happy Thanksgiving readers!

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Alpha Omega said...

Hey kiddo...

Right there with you on the job front. Sometimes you just wish they would take the chance so you can blow their socks off.

Have an amazing holiday with friends or family. Being Disney--- i am working 9 to 7. :0(