Wednesday, November 7, 2007

California Dreamin...

California dreaming again, wow! I just back from California yesterday morning after severally well spent days with my friend Mitch. The weather was a warm 70 degrees, light breeze, clear blue Sky. Certainly not what we're experiencing right now here in Boston.

Ok, here is the play by play:

Thursday, I arrived in San Jose and was picked up by friend Mitch around 8:20 PM. I was hungry and hadn't had dinner yet. And we had decided that Jack N the Box (aka Jbo) was the best place for us to go. I've never been to one before and I wanted to try it for some reason. So I got curly fries and ciabatta bacon burger. Wow, SLAMMING! It was so good. Mitch's friends "Den" and "Sol" came over to meet me and drink some wine. Sol is WICKED cute and adorable. But he's got a man. So we all chat, be all caddy etc. and finish up 4 bottles of wine. 1 between Sol and Den, the other three between Mitch and I. Yeah, that's how we roll! lol

Friday, I went to Stanford University in Palo Alto. What a gorgeous campus! It has to be on the prettiest campuses in America. Apparently the largest, with over 9,000 acres. After this, we had to run a few errands then decided on Filipino food. I've never had it before and always wanted to. Mitch is Filipino, so he's had it many times and was able to suggest options. The food was the BOMB! Sooo good. I want some more. After dinner, we drove around a bit in Mitch's new Honda CRV - named Bailey during the day and Jenna at night (guess she's a little sluttier at night). That night we went out in San Fran to a bar called Dragon. Had LOTS of fun. We danced our asses off! San Fran is a pretty fun city . . . much larger than what I'm use (Boston is tiny in comparison).

Saturday, I slept in a bit. The time change caught up with me a bit. We ran some errands, packed up some stuff and headed to San Fran for the official 30th birthday celebration. He's got such great friends . . . over 20 people showed up for dinner at this cute little Italian restaurant. We had such a great dinner and time. After this we departed for our hotel with the whole crew in tow. We had set up a little pre-gaming bar in our room. Shots and drinks all around . . . I guess we were pretty loud because security called to tell us to keep it down.

We had to laugh, we knew it would happen! So we left and headed on to Look Out and Cafe in the Castro. Again, we danced our asses off at Cafe. The music was really good, oh and I made out with two guys . . . random, I know . . . completely unlike me too. I kept telling everyone I left my dignity at Logan Airport.

Sunday, we set our for brunch at this cute little place in Tiburon, looking out into the water with San Fran and the bay off into the distance. It was really beautiful. After brunch, we headed back to Mountain View so I could pack up my shit and fly out that night, back to Boston. I guess I bought a lot of wine back because my suitcase was over the weight limit on the way back. Opps!

All in all, I had an absolutely amazing trip. I'm looking forward to going back some day soon.

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Rob said...

you made out with two guys in one night? Who are you, me? Tramp. I love it.

On another note, it sounds like you had a really good time, and it sounds like this might be a good place for you to move... I bet you have friends who might work in institutions of higher education who can get you a job in said institutions withing departments of which you have experience.