Monday, October 29, 2007

Wild Times . . . and more Where that Came From!

It's really been a whirlwind weekend beginning last Wednesday night.

You see, Maxi and I decided to do dinner, hang out, and have some gurl chat. We began at his place, bull shitting, listening to music (Tom Petty's Last Dance With Mary Jane is a song I can't get out of my head and Apologize, I know, such varied tastes!).

We decided upon Petite Robert in Boston's South End. Cute little French restaurant that I've always wanted to hit up. The food was rockin . . . and we were pretty hungry. So, we had appetizers, dinner, dessert, and several drinks. It was fun. After 3 very stiff martini's, we headed down the street to our favorite watering hole, Club Cafe. The plan really was for just 1 drink. My sinus's have been driving me nuts so I wanted to head to bed around midnight. Haha, wishful thinking.

One drink turned into many as we watched the Red Sox spank the Rockies. And by the time 1am rolled around, we decided we should follow the rest of our crew to the Eagle for just one more. It was such a random and fun night. Good times, good times.

The next morning, my sinus's were going crazy . . . I swear, I probably have a sinus infection, I always get them.

Saturday night, I went to the Human Rights Campaign New England Dinner at the new Weston Hotel on the water front. Absolutely beautiful place. We all had such an awesome time. The Governor was there . . . so awesome to live in a state where the Governor is so progressive and pro-gay. I've included a pic I took.

Very excited for the coming weekend. I'm going to Northern Cali for my friend Mitch's 30th birthday party! I can't wait! We're going to have so much fun! We already got a hotel room in San Francisco for Saturday night. Woo hoo! Expect updates from there!

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Rob said...

Wednesday was probably one of the best nights of my semester. LOVED it.