Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Update

Let's see whats new with me. Oh, I've been spendin money like its water. I bought a plane ticket to California so I can head out for Mitch's birthday. He's turning 30 in November. I practically stole the ticket too. . . $235! with taxes, round trip to San Jose! I couldn't believe how cheap it was. I'm really excited to head out there and party it up for his birthday. It's going to be such a crazy weekend!

I went to Men's Warehouse today to rent a tux. I'm going to the Human Rights Campaign New England Dinner here in Boston on 10/27. I'm wicked excited! I've always wanted to go and now I can and I'm not paying the $225 for the ticket! I'm going on behalf of my employer! Woo hoo! But that tux rental was $125 . . . le sigh

So, I went out on Friday night with Maxi and his man, Stevie Wonder and his man, to our favorite watering hole, Club Cafe. We had a kick ass time. We didn't get there until late, so it did seem like we were there for only a few minutes lol. I had two nice confidence boosters while I was there too. Right as I walked in, some guy stopped me (I don't remember his name) and was like "your so and so right? I saw you at the Kinsey Sicks show the other took my ticket and I said to myself 'wow, he's such a handsome guy'". WOW, that doesn't happen to me, so its made me feel real good.

Ok, more to chat about, but I need to head to bed.

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Rob said...

omg who was this mans who thought you were so handsome? was he young or is he able for you to bang?

you should tap it, ho.