Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oh *Tear*, Avalon is Closed

Well, the epi-center of Boston night life has finally closed. Avalon, the dance club on Lansdowne Street shut its doors for the final "horaaaaay". It's being leveled to build a newer, smaller venue in its place, with more restaurants up and down the street.

I've gone out there MAAAANY times for their gay nights. I loved and loathed it all at the same time. I always enjoyed going out and partying with my friends. I kinda came out of the closet there in a way. But Avalon always symbolized what I hate about the gay community too - the emphasis on being wicked thin or buff and gorgeous...it was the place that kept the belief alive that you had to look like someone off the cover of Abercrombie & Fitch to get anywhere with anyone. Really, a place where internalized homophobia can get fed. And over the years, their have been times when it has.

So, bye bye Avalon . . . oh and their drinks were never all that good, and definitely over priced!

But anyway, I went with Maxi and his "man friend" . . . Maxi, do I call him Kotex? lol Yes, they are an item now...my gurl is off the market... he's one of THEM! One of those people in a relationship....*gasp* you know, those people some of us single folk despise lol

Oh and I just felt like posting this picture of my shirtless husband Justin Timberlake with this post...for no real reason either.

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Anonymous said...

Maxi, the Russian guy? Wow is about time that rice queen is taken. hahahah

oh well, probably not for a long time :) coz rice queen dont do LTR