Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seattle & the Three Mile Island Meltdown


Its been a while.

So, I'm back in Boston after 6 days in Seattle.  Seattle was a lot of fun.  I flew back to Boston on Wednesday night and got in early Thursday morning.  Gotta love red eye flights.  Our flight home was interesting.  We're getting ready to take off, the plane is booking down the run way when the captain slams on the brakes.  People are freaked out and we're all like "um, what the fucks going on?".  Apparently some sort of error light came on the computer system during take off so the captain aborted the take off.  We had to taxi back to the gate and wait until maintenance run tests on the system to make sure everything was ok.  We were about 2 hours late for take off.  But, Jetblue emailed me today and gave me a $25 credit for my next flight.  I love flying that airline.  So much better than the others.  Ok, I digress....

I'm still dead tired because I didn't get a heck of a lot of sleep while I was there.  My roomie SAM would snore like crazy every night, even with her breath right strips.  So I found myself putting a pillow over my head and it helped a little bit.  

After going out on Thursday night (because I didn't go out enough while I was in Seattle right? lol) I went to Connecticut for my grandparents surprise birthday party.  My grandmother turned 80 a week ago and my grandfather turned 84 today.  We had such a great time and they had no idea.  They were quite surprised, it was awesome.  I had sooo much anxiety on my drive down and while I was there.  It was pretty bad.  I'm not sure why either.  It hasn't been this bad since the time I would drive home on the weekends to see my brother before he shipped out for Iraq.

The good thing was that I was able to hang out with my bro for a bit.  I stayed at his house on Friday night, we had lunch on Saturday, drove around a bit and then sat down and chatted with my dad for a bit before we both took off.

I came back up to Boston on Saturday night and decided to go out with Maxi and Foxy.  We had so much fun driving to the packie, cruising around blasting music and checking out "bitches" lol.  We ended back up at my house and started the festivities.

It was at Avalon that my "Three Mile Island Meltdown" happened.  I could feel it coming too.  Yes, it was another evening of beating myself up and being just down right nasty to myself . . . well and then the pity party too.  Ugh, it was pretty ugly.  I've been really down in the dumps lately so kinda knew this was coming.  Maybe a self pro filling prophecy?  

Its amazing how nasty I can be to myself.  I don't think anyone can put me down or make fun of me any worse than I can towards myself.  

I think the best thing for me to do right now is rest up and sleep, hit the gym, and hang out with my friends.  Those three things help to keep me sane.

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Rob said...

Three mile island meltdown hahahaha. oh lord. that expression is great.

anyway. I loved driving around listening to music with bitches, looking at bitches. especially on the way to buy booze.

feel better.