Friday, June 8, 2007

The Celebration Begins!

Last night I went out with Foxy and "Baby Tank" for our ritual Thursday night before pride craziness. We had sooo much fun! I danced my ass off and had a great time. Lots of good looking guys there too.

So we had a str8 guy friend come along with us. I think it was his first gay bar/club experience he had a good time. And the funny thing is, he met two str8 gurls and went home with one of them!

The music at Embassy was actually pretty good and there seemed to be a pretty good crowd.

I think the funniest part of the night was after little Stevie's. Yeah, Foxy and I had the munchies and so we broke little Stevie's pizza off and started walking down the street toward my apartment. Up ahead was a group of 4 gay guys (we saw them at Embassy), a few were very cute too. Foxy had said something and somehow this discussion began with them about West Side Story.

Before I knew it, Foxy had whipped out this pocket knife he had and started imitating people from the movie. I thought I'd fall over because I was laughing so much. Well, we continued to talk to the four queens and a discussion came about on who had a bigger ass, Foxy or this other guy. Now let me tell you, Foxy has a big ass! Take a look:
Foxy unbuttons his pants right on the street, shows off his CK's and his, three other guys start doing the same thing. I was like omg, here we go, the cops are so gonna come and arrest us for indecency or something. But it was funny. This one guy did have a really nice butt though!

So as we continued down the street, we came across an empty shopping cart. I threw foxy in it and pushed him down Hemmenway St. right up until a Northeastern University cop on a bike yelled at us and told us to stop because it was someone else's property and that he'd get calls about it. What a dick, trying to ruin our fun!

But all in all, what a crazy fun night. I love the gay pride season!

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