Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Week in the Life of VpO

Hola amigos! Homo estas?

I hope everyone is doing well. Me, I'm doing quite well. I've been a total slacker with my blog lately. But I've also been pretty busy. Work has been busy and I've been sick too. I called out sick a week ago yesterday, felt better over the weekend but then like shit again during the week. So I called out sick this past tuesday too. I've definately run myself down. That is the only time I ever get sick. Strong polish immune system baby! None the less, I am feeling much better. I got 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep lastnight. I feel like a rock star today!

Hmmm.... so you may be wondering what is new with me? Not to much I guess. Things with my man are going well. He's actually on his way up here now. We're going to have our be-lated Valentines day dinner. Those of you in the Northeast and Boston will recall our Nor'easter on Wednesday. We got some snow, freezing rain and sleet. Ice everywhere. So it definately wasn't safe for him to trek up to beantown. I'd feel awful if he got into an accident. And I couldn't drive because I've got a few car issues of my own. I will get "gizmo" fixed this week. Oh btw, "gizmo" is the name of my car.

I know this will sound bad, but I didn't get really excited about Valentines day. I think its because I've always been on the bitter bus on this day and been a celebrator of "single awareness day". To me, v-day is nothing but a hallmark holiday. If you like/love someone than everyday should be valentines day. *steps down from soap box* I'm done now. hehe

I'm getting excited... my little brother and my sister in-law will be coming to visit me in Boston in a few weeks. I haven't seen them since Christmas. I definately miss them. I'm going to have sushi for the very first time. My bro and I told Erin and SAM that when they come up we'll have sushi for the very first time. I hope it is good. I've been told it is. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I'm a little nervous... I'm not much of a raw fish man.

Well, thats it for now. Have a great weekend and enjoy your President's Day!


T.S. said...

You've never had sushi before? Hot damn! I don't eat seafood, but my suggestion is to go with an avocado roll. I like it with a teensy bit of wasabi (the green lump) but only a teensy bit cuz that shit is HOT and then dunked in soy sauce. SO yummy! And no raw fish. :-D

Others might be able to give you better suggestions for the fish selections, though I've heard a lot of people like tuna or spicy tuna rolls. Avocado is good to get used to the seaweed/rice combo too, since the avocado doesn't taste too strongly and is soft enough to not be another confusing ingredient when you are first starting off.

Lauren K said...

I LOVE sushi! Where do you start! I used to eat avacado rolls, or cucumber rolls, etc. But...I was introduced to eating the raw fish, you know that big chunk of meat on top of rice? Yea I was scared, but Vic-tah, it was awesome! It didnt taste bad, it didnt feel bad in my mouth! It was wonderful! And if you want, get some miso-soup. Its a pretty plain soup. Where are you going for sushi? There is a GREAT sushi rest. in Coolidge Corner called, Mr. Sushi. Good prices, great food! Oh and you know what goes so well with the soy sauce? BEER! Yes! Sushi and beer are sooo good too!!!! Let me know how it goes!! xxx

Lucie said...

I only recently started eating sushi... I blog about it so you can read up on my experiences but I will suggest you go with Salmon (not fishy) and eel with avacado... the eel is cooked.. so if it is the raw factor that bothers you have no fear... Yellowtail is also good!