Sunday, February 4, 2007

Birthday Madness!

Wow! What a weekend! Yes folks, I've hit a new milestone in my life. The late 20's. I turned 27 years old today. I don't really feel older and have been told I still don't look over 18 (thank you for flattering me!). So some of the fabulous people in my life took me out on Saturday night for my birthday. Let's get down to the details:

We began at my house with a few drinks. I can be seen in a gorgeous picture taken by my bf (isn't it great to type/see that?) drinking a 7&7 in the shower. Maybe I'll post it here. No nudity people... I'm a classy broad.

Sam, Tom and Eddie were present, I opened my gifts which were all wonderful! And then we headed off to dinner. We dined at my favorite restaurant in Boston - Giacomos in Back Bay. We had an awesome dinner and great wine.

After dinner we headed down the street to "Cuffs" at the Jury's Hotel for a drink. What an awesome bar! I really enjoy that place. They make great 7&7's people! After our drink, we headed around the corner to my favorite watering hole, Club Cafe.

Now this is where it gets crazy! I don't think there was a time where I didn't have two drinks in front of me. I mean they just kept on coming. Being the power drinker that I am, I couldn't let them sit there all alone by I was obligated to finish them all hehe.

Ann & Erin showed up and jumped right in a partied with us. I can't even describe in words how much fun we had there. Such a good time. So it was about closing time and we decided to head out, got into a cab and made it to South Street Diner. Oh yeah baby, Cuban sandwiches for the drunks! We desperately needed food!

All in all, I had an AWESOME NIGHT! Thank you to all the well wishers!

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Lucie said...

Happy Mother Fucking Birthday!!!! I too turn 27 this month and God... it's weird to say.... Now the important question is were you drinking polish brandy? Remember the Christmas Semi '01 when you and I got tanked with the HUA's before we even got there? I miss ya Vic and wish I could have celebrated with you! Glad we have blogs to keep up!