Monday, January 1, 2007

My New Years!

Happy 2007!

Wow, I can't believe its '07 already! I'm still figuring out where '06 went. Another year gone, another to begin.

I must say, this was one of the more subdued New Year's I've had in years. I went to a very small house party. We had a fabulous prime rib dinner. YUM! Great champagne too! And boy do I love me some champagne. I usually drink a bottle of it on New Years (hey, it happens only once a year). So anyway, we ate and drank, ate and drank . . . oh and we jump'd into the hot tub. This was befor the drinking part because let me tell you, it can dehydrate you quick.

Yes, this year was quiet. In previous years I partied in London (got lost walking around with Mitch...but we found our way home. Ahhh the power of the toe touch), went on two Boston Harbor cruises and attended a house party which bordered on a brothel by 2am! All events were crazy fun! Don't get me wrong though. I did have an awesome time lastnight. The power of great friends! Much love to Sammy, Tommy and Sweet Baby Owen. lol

I have never really believed in new years resolutions. Partly because everytime I had one I feel off the wagon by my birthday (Feb 5th, send fab gifts mmkay?).
So I have decided to just continue with the committment I've made to myself over the past two years - Take better care of myself! The first step is getting myself back into my gym routine. I was doing very well up until Thanksgiving. Then the craziness of the season took over. But my gurl Wob Hizzle and I have decided to get a trainer at our gym (which is wicked cheap, but good) and bring sexy back for 2007. Look out biatches!

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