Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gay Marriage in Massachusetts: Safe after Jan. 2?

Yeah, I know, this post is a little over due. But as many of you may or may not know, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) recently ruled that the they (the SJC) have no power to force the legislature to vote on an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage. This is good news for us homos. However, the court did state that the legislature is failing to do its constitutional duty. WHATEVER biatches! It should never had made it to the legislature to begin with!

Our "great" Governor Mitt Romney has been pushing for this since he decided to run for President. Good luck jack ass. Not much to list on your list of accomplishments huh?

So on January 2, 2007, the Mass. legislature is to have its last session before the new legislature and Governor are sworn in. The amendment is widely expected to be killed since no action will be taken on it. Good riddance!

Civil rights should NEVER be put to a popular vote. If we did this than we'd all be living in the stone age. But our lovely little conservative republican friends don't seem to get that. I love the cute little argument that we must "protect" marriage. What are we protecting it from? If you're so concerned about protecting marriage than go back to your ex-wife/husband and eliminate divorce. Shit, letting Brittney (Titney) Spears marry a friend for like a day at a shitty Las Vegas marriage hut is more of a threat to marriage than two 'mos jumping the broom. Having an army of happy gay men & lesbians means fabulous hair and clothes for generations of Americans, full softball teams and a run on plaid at Target.

I'm proud of my legislators especially because they continue to be strong supporters of gay marriage. They recognize, like the growing number of Americans, that gay marriage is a right being denied to others and that love is love. That love needs to be protected regardless of if its between two breeders or two men/women.

Kudos to Massachusetts for continuing to lead the way toward a more brightful future for all.

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